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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fire and Ice Wishlist

Footballers Wives season 1-3 DVDs
3 pairs of BabyPhat jeans (ask 4 size)
Digital camera
DragonBallz: Android Saga DVD
1 Ayumi Hamasaki CD

Thanks and i hope i win!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

On my own

I think i've found a new me. I fill more like a woman now that its my senior year of HS. I cant believe i've come this far. Seems just like yesterday my cousin made me late for kinder garden everyday. Now i have to think about the teachers who have helped me get this far. I want to send everyone of them a invitation to my graduation, just to let them know that i thank them for caring. i dont know what i would of done if Mrs. Hults didnt keep me in everyday at break to help me with subtraction. I understand now. When ever i see my kids at the daycare or some random kid on the street i think to myself 'you have no idea the hell you are about to go through. I may be all fun and games now but when you cant take a nap and there is no break, you will learn that the world does not revolve around you and nobody cares about your wants.' I dont think i've fully learned that one myself. I come to school everyday and i try my hardest to past. I know i will miss school but there is just something that scares me and i think its the fact that i'm not going to get into college and have to settle for the Army. I look back now and i think about the kids that where in my fifth grade class and second and so on, and so many of them have gotten pregnant or dropped out. I have to also thank myself for getting up every morning at 6:00 to get ready for school. It was a hard road. Sometimes i wanted to quit, especially when the other kids picked on me because i didnt act like them or wear what they wore. A lot of people say that what doesnt brake you makes you stronger but i dont know.
I intend to enjoy this last year. I want to make many friends and go to wild parties and have fun. I dont look back for a second and wish i could turn back the hands of time because i'm happy to be here and would change it for the world.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sweepstakes Oppertunites!!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer is almost here

Man i miss school. I'm not in it anymore because i missed too many days and i had to drop out. Those bitches think they arnt gonna see me again but they have a rude awaking coming next year. Just one more year. In June i have to see my cousin graduate along with some other friends.

Memorial day was nice. i did nothing but stay home and play my game. Its time for a new one now.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dont Cha Hate When Bitches Lie?

On Friday I was so happy i was going too a friends baby shower and another friend was throwing it. Here it is saterday and i woked up all happy. I had planed out what i was gonna wear and all that. The party was at 1:00pm and now here i sit 3:15pm. I cant stand when i'm lied too. Me and my cousion was suppose too go with them. That goes too show that you never can depend on someone else. If you want something done do it urself because bitches will let you down.

But its all good. I bought Daphne a present and i want here to get it so i guess i'ma have too go give it too her.

On a lighter note, i have too read To Kill A Mocking Bird and i'm not prepared because i'm behind on reading. This semester i'm taking it easy. I've failed one class already and was told i could fail 3 more. I dont know who would tell someone that but thats what she said.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some Catching Up To Do

Wow 2 whole months since i last posted anything. For starters i have videos of me singing on my myspace ( ) go and check those out.
I just got done with exams and i only have three classes but i know i failed one and thats spanish II. I passed physical science barly and early childhoodI was easy. I have found a new love: Chris Brown :) i just cant get him out of my system. But i'm so mad because i never can see him because he never comes to NC.

But anyways that was my CB rant for today. I've been reconsidering my goals in life now. I am a really good singer but i also want too be a voice actress and a biotechnition. i know i can do it all but i want too sing full time as well as be a biotechnition. Voice acting is just on the side.

but yeh check out my video, please

Saturday, November 11, 2006


i always fill better when my blog is updated. nothing has been going on with me just stay in the books working on my myspace. i've become an addict on myspace. i'm up there every second. i only have 62 friends so i'm just looking for more. i dont go to absolute anime like i use too. its so stupid now adays.^the pic is of me on the bus i hope to get more up hurr soon. i have a new crush, his name is joe and he is so cute.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Quiz

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wise Words

"Power does not gain respect, it is what you do with it that does."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wise Words

"We are all generals. Whatever action we take may influence the course of civilization."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I am watching Criss Angel Mindfreak, the episode where he goes back to school for the first time in a while and i just realiized that i have 24 days until i go back to that hell hole. I want to do my best this year because i have only one more after this. I want to see all my friends and have the fun i didnt have in my other years. Going back to school meaning i might not get too work on the blog that much thats the down side

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Like i said More songs

New Songs...more soon

Monday, July 24, 2006

Brake Through in Alzheimers

In Melbourne scientist may have found a cure for Alzheimers in all goes well in trials in mice. They have a one day pill that will stop the effects of Alzheimer for one day, helping millions of people. This is the first of its kind in the world. The human trial will start next month. click to read more

News Today

The gay games have ended people!! I love gay people and congrats to the ones who won. Some people do say that if gay people want to be considered equal why go off and have their own Olympic style game? Well i'll tell you the answer to that, they are not allowed. And if they are they are treated bad so they have their own game so no one is left out. They did have 'try outs' to make sure that everyone was gay. I have no clue how they did that and dont wanna know. Police were on hand to help and they had no real problem.

Box Office
1. 'pirates of the carribean' 35mil - dont like it
2. 'monster house' 23mil - very surprising
3. lady in the water 18.2mil - original
4. you me and Dupree 12.8 mil - looks very stupid, but not as stupid as Little Man
5.little man 11 million- look above
6. clerksll 9.6mil - i didnt know this was out there
7. my super ex-girlfriend 8.7mil
8 superman returns 7.46mil - still hanging on
9. The devil wears prada 7.43mil - i'm disapointed in this one
10. cars 4.9mil

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saddam on hunger-strike

First of all dose anyone care if he dies of hunger? No. Hes doing the world a favor but the prosecutors want him alive so he can go to trial. He was put into a hospital and is now being feed by a feeding tube. For 17 days he has been on a hunger-strike. The feed tube has stablized his health. I think that if he wants to die we should let him. His hunger strike was launched because he wants better defense for the defense team. As we all remember alot of people on this team have died, one died in June. The defense rejected the same offer for the judges and the prosecutors. Saddam's lawyer said that no one would appear Monday if the proper precausion where not taken.
His lawyer did tell the AP that Saddam is in good health and spirit.

A spokesperson for the US detention command would not say if Saddam was in a hospital but said that he was 'voluntarily' using the feeding tube.

Source- AP

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Family Reunion

I really want an ipod. Am i the only one in the US that doesnt have one?
Well anyways it was a four day event and i didnt have on bit of fun. My new step sister is nice and the family didnt know who i was and thought i was her. We dont look anything alike by the way. Food was good and on Sunday we watch 'Pirates of the Carribean.' I hate that movie. To me it wasnt good at all and i didnt want to see it, i wanted to see 'The devil wears Prada.' I was counting down all 2 hours of the movie. The on thing i enjoyed most was my nachos.

Little brothers are very annoying, especially mine. Romeo wanted too talk on my phone the whole time and then he pulls my hair and hits me and when i hit him back i get in trouble. Its not fair i tell you, not fair. For a little four year old he snores alot and loud. I didnt get a bit of sleep at all.

The mall was my favorite part. I was looking for an ipod but they didnt even have a CD store. Eastern North Carolina is just a boring place too live.

I got alot of money from my brothers because thats what they are for and it rain making the power go out and ending the sing, which wasnt very good.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Video Game

There is a new video game based on the Christian book Left Behind and now parents and other Christians aree complaining about the violence. Truth is that u cannot get away from violence and it haves a good message with hiving children fight evil. This is just another reason to bitch about how things are going wrong. I'm all Christian but there is a limit. Unfortunately we gave some people who protest about the dumbest things.
This is stupid because 1) its a video game 2) violence is everywhere 3) woe to the makers of the game because if you want religious people don't put in things they don't like 4)there are more important things likea war going on

Monday, July 10, 2006


My grandma's birthday party was so bad. First all the babies and toddlers came and i had too watch out for all 6 of them and then more came(what are parents for?). And they were all crying and we couldnt eat until all the food came and that was after 8:00pm(the party started at 7:00pm). Every one was mad and my mom didnt want the children too eat(she was in control) but they needed to go home. After a while i just come in my room and worked on the blog. Then the after party was just like all the others. All the drinkers get drunk and talk about things that i dont want to hear like STDs and stuff. When my family gets drunk, watch out because its on. They like too fight and fuss. It was around 1:00 or 2:00am before everyone left. I was in bed around 1:00.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Konnichiwa! Wow so much has gone on. My family reunion is almost here and i havent lost weight so i look better in my skirt. i look fat. Am i the only one who has noticed that women are obsessed with their looks? Its too bad. i'm not fixed on the way i look because i'm big and proud but i want to make a good impression on the family members i've never seen before. Today is my grandmother's b-day and we are having a surprise birthday party and i am beat. i've been up cleaning because everyone is coming over too my house for this because my mom came up with the idea too have a party. No one would let me cook, and i'm great because i watch the Food Network and i've practiced. I just want to make on stupid cake and then i'll be happy.

Earlier this week i messed up and spent $32.00 of my moms money on coffee and i had to lie and say that it wasnt me so i wouldnt get in trouble but i think she knows. This isnt the first time this has happend. Once before someone used name and e-mail too order something. The address wasnt the same but they used my name.

Why do some people act all big when they get a job? An ex-friend of mine saw me in a store and didnt speak to me. Earlier this week my mom asked her if she was my friend and she said no. I applied for that job a while ago and the only way she got it is because her mom works there too and i think she is the one who threw away my application. Summer is almost over and i'm still broke and jobless. no one wants to hier me.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sample Sites

Great Freebie and sample sites: Teen Freeway, Sassy Sue, Cool Savings, Ever Save, Bella Online.
Like i said i've been doing this all week and have gotten some really good stuff. Alot of these sites have coupons and discounts. You may also go too the search box on the site and type in freebie and you will get alot of sites.

One Year Today...

I had finally mastered up enough courage too speak my mind and have people read it. At first i didnt know what to day at all. I wanted too talk about what i knew best and that was anime. As time went on i forgot about this thing and had to make a come back ; so i wrote about my life.which is very boring so now i try to type about stuff everyone can relate too. I did everything just too get attenion too this blog like changing the name, changing templets and adding my site too blog directories. I now have banners going around so people know that the site is here too stay. I say thanks too the people who posted comments and feed back and too the ones who will in the futrure. I hope too be here for many more years.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July

Happy 4th of July, Americans!!!! I thought that i would school everyone on the flag

*Stars- 50 states
*Stripes- original 13 states
*Red- courage
*White- purity
*Blue- equality

There now you know. While we are on the topic of the flag. I really get a kick out of other countries buring our flag because burning the flag is the only way too respectfuly dispose of it. Jokes on them.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman vs. X-Man

Two of the hottest movies of the summer both feature super hero. That got me thinking who would win if the x-men and Superman went head too head. My vote is for the x-men. Superman may be bulletproof but Shadowcat can go through bullets. Superman has lazer beams but so does Cyclops. Every thing that Superman can do so can the X-men and they can do it better.

Special Report: Chimera

Imagine haveing two sets of DNA and that your kids geneticly are not your. Thats has to be the worest filling in the world. It happens more often then known and anyone can be a chimera. Alot of people think its a human and an animal mixed but not in these cases. Human chimeras are created in the womb when the person absorbs their twin and takes their DNA. Alot of chimeras are hamaphrodites, meaning the have two gentailas. Besides the sex organs you can tell by light eye color and patchy skin. The most famous case of this is the case of Lyidia Fairchild. It was found out that she was not her children's mother by genetics, even though she had them. What makes it so weird is that anyone can be a chimera and not even know it until they have a DNA test done.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Scary too think about

Its scary to know that in a few more 100 years most of the world will be underwater. The cause of the obscene issue is Global Warming. Because of the things man has done we will suffer; our children will suffer and their children will suffer. Millions of people will die because water will take over their way of lfe. What can we do? Solar, solar, solar. Gas is becoming a problem now. If everyone would drive a hybrid then we wouldnt have these problems. People go to Dropping Knowlage
The article is called Dropping Knowlage. Go and express ur fillings and ask questions about many different topics. I've only touched on one but there are many more.


I dont know if i'm the only one who has dreams about their video games or not but its becoming a problem for me. I have the most dreams about the games that i play often and is only single-player RPG. One most recently is called Vexx. Its about a creature who is trying too get avenge his people. My biggest fear is him dieing and it is brought out in my dream. Some of the villians where in it and were very annoying. I was able too control Vexx but not the situation, which i'm normally able too do. What woked me up i dont know but i couldnt sleep and i had too play the game to get my nerves undercontrol. I dont like not having control over my dreams and not being able too say wake up Alexis.

Free!!! Free!!!! Free!!!!!

All this weekend i'll be finding ways too find free stuff on the net. i've gotten some things but who knows if i will get them or not. I tried this once before and only got one thing out of the 20 or so i applied for. I just cant get a way from the freebies sites that make me buy someone else's product befor i get my freebie; i dont call that free. I'm sorry i didnt keep count of how many i've applied for but i can tell when i get them, if i ever do. This is a way too get stuff without paying for them and having it be legal.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Soon To Come

In one month my step sister will be coming in from Jamaica and its my job to show her the city. I have never seen this girl and I'm worried about her Jamaican accent. Her mother has a very thick accent and you understand nothing she says. I'm not a very out going person but I'll do my best to help her. She is coming for the family reunion. I'm not going.
This year going back I will be a junior in high school and i need college plains. I really want to be a genetic engineer, all my life i've been fasonated with science and biology and the idea that we can change things that shouldnt be changed. But with my grades i'm not sure if i could get into any college let alone NC State or ECU.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PETA and the stars

Ok i guess recently Beyonce Knowles auctioned off a dinner and some people from PETA secreatly made the highest bid. The only reason they had dinner with Beyonce was too confront her about her use of fur. Like a smart girl Beyonce didnt answer any questions. The PETA reps where finally kicked out of the resterant and its all on tape as well: Have PETA gone too far? I dont know, i'm very mixed about this because i belive that PETA is doing a great thing and then again they shouldnt be invading her personal space like that. Who in the world videotapped it i dont know but that is the craziest thing to do. They wanted to embarass because they spent alot of money just too get about 30 seconds with her and get kicked out of a resteruant.

Source: AP